Recommended Exchanges

The best exchange you can do right now in 2015 is to get out of your “Bad Gold” and  into Morgan Silver Dollars.   Bad Gold you say? Is there such a thing?   There Absolutely is!  And there is a good chance you are holding some right now.   So what is bad Gold?  Bad Gold is any gold that is 1933 and newer.  This Gold holds very little premium and is not very liquid or recognizable in a time of quick need.  So what does this have to do with the Morgan Silver Dollar?  The Morgan Silver Dollar is pound for pound the toughest dollar on the planet and we can give you plenty of examples why.   But first lets give you some sound recommended exchange plans.

You see we here at Arvada Gold & Silver Rare Coins have a carefully thought out plan and strategy for our  clientele.

There are two roads that we highly recommend that completely depend on the matter of whether you are looking to grow your wealth or just simply preserve it in the most sound way.

bad gold

Example #1.   2  1 oz Gold Bullion Bars = $2,600 (est)  =  100 Bag of Morgan Silver Dollars

Example #2.   27  South African Krugerrand 1 oz Coins $35,000 (est)  =  Full Bag of Morgan Silver Dollars (1,000 coins)

Example #3.     1 Canadian Maple leaf 1 oz Coin = $1,310 (est)  = MS 66 Morgan Silver Dollars (varies with premium)

Example 4. 6 platinum 1 oz bullion bars = $9,250 = 250 Bag of Morgan Silver Dollars

Example 5. 2000 oz of Gold bullion 1000 oz of Silver bullion = 2,620,000 = Half in bulk silver dollars and half in MS Morgans.

Call for details and grab a piece of this extremely scarce market!


“Arvada Gold and Silver Coins is  your huckleberry to Rare American Coinage “