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"The new store looks great Brian. Keep up the good trades, can’t wait to see my 240 extra fine Morgan dollars when they come in next week."
"Thanks for the great trade on the junk silver into Morgan dollars. 100% of spot price was great! I look forward to doing business again."
"Best deals hands down on the 1930 Gold Double Eagle. Makes sense about the Morgan dollars too. I will be sending in my Krugerrands to trade out into those XF Morgans ASAP. Thanks for helping me reposition my assets into better performing coins."
"Thanks for the case of MS64 morgan dollars. They look great and will make a good addition to my ever growing collection of silver dollars!"
"Brian has already saved me over 2000 dollars since trading out of my gold bullion and into 2 FULL BAGS of AU Morgan Dollars! I don’t know how you do it, most of these coins are BU and I have already sent off the first 20 to be graded by NGC and will defiantly be sending photos . Thanks a lot Arvada Gold and Silver Coins, you really have great insight and knowledge of rare coins!"
"Finally a coin shop that allows you to have an opinion and directs you to build a collection worth attaining. Thank you Brian for guiding me to invest in what makes sense and cents. Look forward to coming again soon!"
"Thanks for the great bag of Peace Dollars. I am watching for the bag of Morgan Dollars to come with excitement. Thanks again for the trade."
"As a customer of Brian Schrunk at Arvada Gold and Silver Rare coins for almost a year now, I’ve been consistently satisfied with his great service and quality products. If you’re in the market for gold, silver or rare coins, drop in and talk to Brian. I think you’ll be satisfied too."
"Awesome Coins!!! I don’t know why anyone would collect anything but Morgan dollars. I sent you some pictures of the toned coin that came in my order, it is now the centerpiece of my collection. Thanks a lot.

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